Visualizing COVID-19

Sebastian Charmot and Oğuzhan Çölkesen

Around the World

Visualization 1

Cloropleth map

Chloropleth map of the recovery and mortality in each country regarding COVID-19. The map shows the nations that are past the peak of the virus' outbreak as well as nations that are struggling with the treatment of patients by taking out the population factor.

Visualization 2

A heat map with a square grid with countries on the y-axis and days on the x-axis. The color map varies with respect to the number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people, leaving the population factor out when comparing countries.

Visualization 3

Cloropleth map

Scatter plot animation of the recovery of each country normalized over time. The plot displays how well nations were able to control the initial outbreak by showing the relationship between recovered and confirmed number of cases over time.

In the US

Visualization 4

An animation over time projected on a map that shows each 100 new cases in a region as a dot placed on the map. This visualization points out how the exponential spread of COVID-19 varies over time across the US.

Visualization 5

A line chart with normalized confirmed cases on the y-axis and days on the x-axis. This line chart displays how in control the 5 states with highest number of cases are compared to each other as well as Germany.